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A Modern Web Presence

Autobuxx is constantly pushing boundaries of the Singaporean music industry, inspiring the local music scene with new cultures and trends through a multitude of genres across the world.

To embody the eccentricity of the brand, we designed a website that is cutting-edge and unique with flairs of dynamism that take on the dystopian yet futuristic look and feel of the Glitch effect as part of the logo animation on the landing page.

Easy to Navigate

Our focus for the website was to connect users efficiently and effectivity, starting with easy access to the actual shows. We created a simple and to-the-point page that easily direct users from the landing page to the booking and list view of past and upcoming shows.

Be Part of the Club

The purpose of the brand is to engage the community. We developed a page for users to be involved through the #AUTOBUXXCLUB that automatically links the brand’s Instagram page to drive engagement from both platforms.

Cool, Clear, Consistent

When choosing the right font for the website, we thoughtfully chose a typeface that ties the design elements together by giving it a cool, contemporary look and feel while still maintaining clarity and readability. Together with the retro futuristic look of the overall website, we blended the colours black and white with accented pops of yellow and purple for contrast.

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