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Paws On The Run was started by pet owners. Realising that there was a big issue on finding the time to take their pets for grooming, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Who did they come to for help? InspireNow, of course.
Paws On The Run approached InspireNow to build an

online booking and reservation system

for their pet grooming studios on an online platform and a unique problem. How do we build a

booking system

that embodied everything they wanted to be as a brand?
Combining the business of delivery with friendliness, vibrancy and convenience in order to set a strong brand presence on every online platform. By allowing for greater interactivity on every front and a customisation of their profile and booking process, InspireNow transformed the conventional booking system into an engaging experience.
System Interface
On Your Desktop
Creating a unique balance in the strong brand colours versus the softer secondary colours, the system is simplified by an intuitive process and an elimination of information through allowing members to minimise input for information that is used repeatedly.
Select date & time
User dashboard
System Interface
On Your Mobile
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