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The Rhapsody Of Time
Rhapsody is a business that was started by three friends that wanted to develop a new retail concept that broke away from the limitations of the formats that existed at the time. Today, the Rhapsody group consists of 6 stores and growing as of today.
Rhapsody wanted us to spearhead their

eCommerce Web Development

project, designing a seamless journey from their website to


site whilst maintaining their focus on the brand. This would also necessitate the elements from digital marketing to lead ads, social posts and others to the site while maintaining a strong brand presence on a web platform.
InspireNow built the navigation to always start with the brand before the products while maintaining easy access and discoverability to minimize users exiting before browsing through the products. Utilising simulated journeys and test runs, we were able to create the best


to optimise the page, achieving a strong data-driven system.
System Interface
E-Commerce Interface
Watches are high-value retail items, which require a different display sense which is achieved through product-optimised layout, allowing for prospective customers to appreciate the fine details of the watches in different levels.
Multiple payment options, wishlist, social media engagement, comparisons and full-page view on the product page allows for the entire sales funnel to happen in each product page.
Product listing
Product details
System Interface
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