Custom etching

Benefits of Custom Systems

Hand-crafted tailored goods invoke quality, finesse, and standards. Contrasting mass-made off-the-shelf products, custom-made items are unique and extremely valuable. When it is a functional product like a suit, for example, it will fit like a glove while perfectly matching your style and taste.

Although custom software is more expensive than its ready-made counterparts, those who value quality will seek it no matter what. Now imagine this concept in the context of a system or a web application that runs the entirety of a multi-billion dollar company. What wonders might it provide?

Custom software satisfies every need the user might have and solve every problem the user might encounter


Custom software fulfils requirements

Every business is unique and requires specific needs to function perfectly. The most significant advantage custom software has over off-the-shelf products is that they satisfy every need the user might have and solve every problem the user might encounter. Every functionality a business needs may simply be added to the tailored systems and any fussiness of previous systems may simply be removed.

Using general solutions like ready-made systems compresses a business into a mould and strips away the uniqueness of its operations. This may not seem like a serious issue but if it comes to a point where productivity is threatened, it may not be ignored. Custom software is uniquely made for specific users with specific needs and issues. Would you rather adapt to a product, or have the product adapt to you?


Custom software provides efficiency

Oftentimes, off-the-shelf systems can be overwhelming since they are designed to be feature-packed. It is counterintuitive for software developed with many features to be inefficient, however, more features mean a more complex system. Not only are ready-made solutions finicky, they usually require monthly subscriptions and maintenance. A business might be paying for ten features when they would only require two. 

Custom software or web applications are developed to be specific and include only what is required. No redundancy, and better, no complications. This makes them user-friendly and economical which in turn, makes for the most efficient system. With ready-made software, users will spend more than they needed to in the long run. Therefore, having a feature-packed system might bring more burdens than benefits.

Custom software will always have room for change.


Custom software offers scalability

When a system is developed from scratch, it provides the opportunity to be built further. Scalability is monumental in creating a reliable system that survives the tests of technological advancements. The arrival of new technology often comes with new requirements and issues. As time progresses, users will discover aspects of the software they wish to improve and require updates on their current software.

Custom software will always have room to improve. When an upgrade is required, developers may simply add improvements to the existing system without having to discard, revamp, or even purchase new software. The scalability of custom software offers the ultimate convenience.

In contrast, off-the-shelf systems are designed to be used as they are. They are not meant to be tampered with or changed unless permitted by the manufacturers. If users would like to upgrade their system, they will have to spend more resources on getting new software. 


Custom software ensures longevity

In an ever-evolving world, adaptability is paramount in ensuring a system can be used in the future. To achieve it, a system needs to be flexible and work with other systems in the market. A rigid software or web application will endure neither time nor technological advancements. Over time, it will become obsolete and need replacement. This will then require valuable resources, energy, and time. New technologies appear every other year, if a business does not ride the wave, it will be swept away by the current.

Custom software can be tailored for compatibility and designed to integrate with existing systems that are already in use. This provides greater flexibility and economises resources every time adjustments need to be made. Pre-built systems unfortunately do not have this feature as they are built to be their own products. Therefore, every time new functionality is required, businesses would need to replace their existing system and adopt new software.


Message in a bottle

With off-the-shelf solutions, you will most likely never know where your data will end up.


Custom software prioritises safety

In a world full of digitally literate criminals, data safety is paramount. As an individual, losing your data to strangers is worrying. As a company, this is terrifying. Losing trade secrets and classified information might mean the difference between success and permanently shutting your doors. Unwillingly divulging company information to competitors is the best way to lose the race. Cases such as these are not unheard of. The safest measure to avoid such incidents is to prevent them from happening altogether.

An important factor in data safety is ensuring every piece of information is secured and passed to trusted individuals. With off-the-shelf solutions, you will most likely never know where your data will end up. They might stream to servers in your backyard or on the other side of the continent. This is equivalent to putting your entire data in a glass bottle and chucking it out to sea, you will never know where it might end up.

A competent hacker may just be capable of slipping in and siphoning any private and confidential company information they seek. With custom software, however, you can know exactly where every 1s and 0s travel to and through. You may even store them in your basement if you wish to. Data safety is non-negotiable and every company should treat it as such.


Why isn’t custom software more common?

If it is so beneficial, why aren’t more companies opting for bespoke software? Cost is usually the main culprit. Custom software development is expensive, as any other high-quality products are. However, every company needs to understand that the extra cost of software development is the price of comfort and convenience. In the long run, custom-built software will be more economical and provide better solutions for any problems.

InspireNow acknowledges financial issues might have a significant impact on businesses. To this problem, we offer a  fitting solution. We offer InspireNow’s EasyPayment, a method in which organisations and companies may spread out their payments spanning a period of up to 12 months. Custom software is an option we provide to offer accessibility to all who require them