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Ready-made Solutions
Off-the-shelf systems are feature-packed and accommodate a wide variety of businesses in the market. Thus, they are made to include functionalities that are or might be needed and always at the ready. We offer quick and simple business solutions that you may pick up and deploy right away.
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InspireNow Values

Asset management system

We facilitate your operations with reliable

asset management systems

that track and monitor your tangible or non-tangible assets throughout their lifetime.
Property sales solution
Our property sales solution simplifies your business operations by providing store plan automation, streamlined sales processes, direct sales conversion through facility bookings, and many more.
Candidate relationship management systems
Talents are the backbone of a company. We ease business operations with internal staff management software or external applicant tracking systems.
  • Why not go for comprehensive custom software instead?


    Developing custom software might be expensive and require a lot of time. If our ready-made solutions are sufficient, it is what we would recommend.

  • How fast is the setup?


    1-2 months on average. While most ready-made systems can be set up quickly, minor customisations and processes such as requirement studies might be needed.

  • How does licensing work?


    We will retain ownership of the system. However, you may pay a monthly fee on annual contracts. The fees include maintenance, updates, security patches, and other services.

  • Can we modify the ready-made software?


    Some ready-made software allows for minor configurations but generally, they are not modifiable.

  • Will the system be based on our servers or yours?


    Every ready-made software is hosted on our internal servers where they are tuned for the highest performance and reliability

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Software Development Malaysia
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Custom Software Development
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