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Proventus came to InspireNow to build a top-notch project management system that is intuitive, user-friendly and easily accessible by users from around the globe. InspireNow rose up to the challenge to provide a comprehensive solution for the tech innovation company.
In a competitive market, Proventus wanted to be a market leader in regional usage. InspireNow needed to compare the UI/UX against global competitors and understand how regional users worked and planned in order to build a system that best suits them.
This was achieved through multiple research sessions via focus groups, UI/UX walkthrough sessions and simplifying the flow of work so the user would not need to navigate over multiple pages or segments in order to work efficiently under any circumstances.
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Utilising our expert understanding of adapting brand elements into the UI while keeping the page vibrant to reduce eye fatigue, Proventus was designed to optimise workflow while providing easy access of information to users in the easiest way possible.
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was designed to replicate and even improve the original user experience and journey, minimising the difference and feel of the desktop vs app so that users can work on both at different times without feeling confused.
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